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Petra Hoffmann-RMHC-I, C.Ht













The first thing you need to know about Petra Hoffmann is that she Petra has a special insight and empathy, having faced both her Shadow Self, as well as her own Mortality.

Petra believes that everyone needs Counselling and Hypnotherapy!

Petra focuses on her client's transcendence to flourish into their Authentic Selves.

In fact she rarely COUNSELS anymore, as much as she Coaches. She teaches and guides her clients throughout their own Ascension, in both Life and Career. choices. Most oftentimes, Petra utilizes her Counselling Services in unison with Hypnotherapy for those that have had no one to talk to about their inner most conflicts.

She no longer specializes in addictions, but wishes to share that she was an addict, and a victim of life circumstances, and if Petra can do it, she believes you can too. 

Petra's newly evolved focus is on Spirituality and Ascension. She has spent many years researching, taking courses, and most of all doing her own Inner Work. Petra walks the walk and uses her own tools and techniques to continuously evolve her own, as well as her client's lives!

Petra Hoffmann is one of those rare professionals, who has not just learned her skills through books and schooling. Petra has lived, and has suffered, and has put a half of a lifetime of addictions  and struggles behind her. Petra shared her own torrid story with the world, having authored her own autobiography.

Petra is also a professional Speaker. 

Petra will provide Group Hypnosis Sessions for groups of 6 or more. Please contact us for details and pricing.


Petra's Philosophy & Motto

"I am here to encourage my clients to



 If someone feels stuck and needs assistance to find a new perspective, I feel the solution may be to adapt and tackle the issue from a different angle. I work to inspire others, to bring about the changes needed in their lives to reach their fullest potential."

Petra's "Why?" Part 1

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