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Give the "Gift" of  Counselling or Hypnotherapy, or Audios

Email or Text Services

Whether you or your loved one prefers Facebook messaging, email service, phone texting, Petra is happy to provide it, in regards to Counselling services.

Phone or Skype Services

If not in the Vancouver area, or you prefer phone or Skype counselling, Petra is able to provide both 60 or 30 minute Counselling  services...

One on One Services

Of course the "old fashioned" one on one is the most favored method of counselling, or hypnotherapy. Petra will provide a free one-time 1/2 hour assessment to allow your loved one to discover whether they are ready, willing and able to move forward, and to do "the work."


Cancellation Policy

In order to serve her clients to the best of her ability, Petra does a lot of work in preparation for an appointment. Petra asks that you respect the 24 hour cancellation policy. Unless it is an emergency we would require full payment of the session fee with less than 24 hours notice. Thank you for understanding.

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