This is #Petrabilities own FIRST Script!!! Having worked with clients before and after...I KNOW it to be the most Powerful Script in existance!


***This audio is in MP3 format to be played on any device, laptop or phone

If you require a CD the seller via our contact page and we will arrange it!


These Commercial Quality Hypnosis Relaxation recordings are Digitally Mastered...They incorporate music, nature, and BrainWave Entrainment...listen everyday for 6-8 weeks (with Headphones) and:


#Change Your Thinking...Change Your World© with Petrabilities


For best results...listen with HEADPHONES or earbuds (for binaral sound)


45-90 days MIN... as many times a day as you can "afford!"


***Commercially crafted ...There are REAL Hypnotic soundwaves.

DO NOT drive or operate heavy machinery or do anything that requires your full attention

#Petrabilities Complete Dimensional Release