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*Past Life, Mediumship,

Life Purpose and Oracle Card Readings


Petra assists clients Worldwide!

(Phone, Skype, Email, or In Person)


My readings focus on personal, emotional, and daily challenges of life. The messages are very in-depth detailed guidance. 

I work with several oracle decks, Tarot and Medical decks...and since I specialize in Past Life Regression in my Hynotherapy, I 

I now offer Past Life readings. These give you a clear insight as to "issues or baggage" you may have brought from a Past Life,

and how to overcome them in this Lifetime!

Depending on the reading, I focus on a 2 week-1 month, or a 6 month outcome.

***You may also ask specific questions you are seeking advice or answers to. 

My favorite deck I always begin with is Cheryl Lee Harnish's "Return to Spirit." I resonated and bonded with this particular

deck while I was taking my courses for Hypnotherapy. I became a card reader long before I ever had my own reading!

Hypnotherapy opened this universe for me, and it was then that I realized that I have always been "Connected."




15 minutes... $45                                                               

30 minutes... $75                                                             

60 minutes... $125                                                          


A Quick Question


Send me a question, or 2, or 3 and I will send you an audio

recording within 72 hours. 


1 Question: $25

2 Questions: $35

3 questions: $45



***Feel Free to record your own session, or add $10 for a recording and picture of your card spread to be sent to you!

***Please note that phone or Skype readings are just as effective as personal sessions. Please are getting added value by                 having your reading done by a Mental Health Counsellor

 Are you Hosting a Party?...(Peronal or  Professional)                                                                 Contact Petra for Special Rates packages

 for a Party no one is likely to forget, and your 

 your friends and guests will talk about for a  long time to come!!!

Petra Hoffmann is the proud Founder of our evergrowing and very popular group,

Vancouver Card Readers! We have a different reader

everyday, including Numerology and Astrology ...

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Recent Testimonial: Gail, Langley, BC

We had just placed our house for sale and received an offer within 24 hours! We did not know whether to counter, hold off, wait for more offers...we were overwhelmed! My husband and I called a great 3 card reading and voila...SOLD our property  the next day!!!!

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