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And so it begins…

“Why oh why,” I think to myself, “do I keep on fighting this process?” Ever since 2015 I have been being guided to “write, write, write, and keep writing.” So, why oh why have I been fighting this process so vehemently?

Yesterday it hit me like a ton of bricks...THREE TIMES over! I went into my new place of work called The Reading Room, and actually had the conversation with my client and the salesgirl, that I've been sitting on an article idea for the past 3 years, and that I should really sit down and write it. It is after all a topic that could save mothers and their unborn children from death or severe illness.

After my card reading, I came home, I opened the Vancouver Card Readers page, (which I founded almost 3 years ago,) and sure enough I had pulled card number one (out of three) earlier in the day, and it told me that I need to write!

Later in the day a friend came over, and the conversation that he brought up, was about me writing another book... or at least writing something. He could not understand why I have not been writing. Ironically, this is the same person who persuaded me to finish my book.

Have I mentioned that I have a published book, and that I have been writing articles, and that I have had a column called “Dear Petra” since the middle of 2014? I gave up the column in November because I was getting too “busy” in my work. They were sad to see me go and the publisher of the magazine assured me that anything I write (regarding addictions) would be published, and that I could have my full page back at any given moment. I suppose that has to mean something!?

Why then am I the only person that doubts my writing abilities? Why am I the only person that hasn't been really writing in years when my Guides and Angels keep incessantly prodding me to do so?

In fact, I got really angry one day and asked them, “Why? Why do you want me to write? Can't you see how busy I am running three businesses?” The answer came immediately...when the pen hits the paper, it becomes real, it becomes cemented in stone, cemented in history... the energy can never be erased. It becomes part of the akashic records. Since many of you may not know what those records are...everything that was, everything that is, and everything that will be... has already being recorded. This is Universal knowledge...available to us all.

So here I am, and here I'll be... With all the knowledge I have gained throughout my lifetime... To share my daily insights, thoughts, and ideas with all of you. Writing ability good or writing ability not good, it doesn't really matter in this case, as I have much to teach and you have much to learn.

I hope you all stick with me... As I teach you how to do the same thing I learned to do... and that is to...#ChangeYourThinking...Change Your World© with #Petrabilities

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