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Ideas are just ideas. Everybody has ideas. I have ideas all day long every day long, from morning until night! I have awesome ideas...and I JUST had an epiphany... They are only just ideas!

That's it... that's all they are! Ideas are nothing unless you utilize them, do something with them, follow through...oh! I have a good one...SHOW UP!

Ideas that are important...ideas and inventions that can help us to survive or to better the quality of our lives...those are “sent to” many people at the same time. You have noticed that before, right? Ideas like the first light bulb, for instance. The ideas are handed to several people around the world at the same time.

And then what happens? Again...ideas are nothing, absolutely nothing, unless you DO something with them. It's the people that follow through, who help to change the world. YOU too can help to change the world! So, the next time you have a good idea, a really good idea, follow through, show up, DO something with that fabulous idea and help us all to

#ChangeYourThinking...Change Your World© with #Petrabilities!


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