Petrabilities Snippets...Big Boys, Huge Men

Have you all noticed IT lately? I find this very necessary, in fact, I think this is ‘extremely’ necessary for the betterment of our society as men and women being connected goes. I also believe and feel that it must be a very freeing experience for boys, and men...especially men (for it is all in how we are programmed unconditioned.)

“What's going on?” you may be thinking. Well I've been noticing it more and more lately, and the other day I found myself watching a show called Food Truck Face Off. There were two and women. And in both instances the men cried as they talked about their past trials and tribulations. It was so cute to see both of the wives patting their husbands backs and telling them, “It's going to be okay baby.”

“So what is she eluding to?” you may be pondering. seems to me that men are indeed becoming more emotionally connected. And it has also occurred to me that younger boys coming into this generation are already more emotionally mature.

How enlightening, how refreshing, it is to see, hear, feel and be witness to our generation finally losing the ‘Big Boys Don't Cry’ mentality!? Because the truth of the matter is, that if boys and men do not get connected with their feelings and their emotions, and with the Universal energy, (and let's even go so far as to say Spirituality) they will get left in the dust. Men and women, men and men, partners, will then eventually grow apart. You are seeing that all around you more as well now.

It's important that we all grow and evolve together, because I know what it feels like to live with someone and be much lonelier than you could possibly be without that somebody in the same environment. And so to all the boys and men and the women, friends and partners that have their backs, I exclaim, “Hallelujah! Keep on evolving, and allowing yourselves to feel, and thereby #ChangeYourThinking...Change Your World© with #Petrabilities!”

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