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The Self Love!

My whole life I had what seemed like an “entourage.” I always, always, always surrounded myself with people in the past. In fact, if I were to change anything at all, (which I wouldn't for neither one of us would be the same person we are today), but if I were to change anything at all, I would put my daughter before my friends when I was raising her.

This has always been my biggest cross to bear, especially since my super sensitive daughter needed me so much. Her biggest cross to bear is having been desensitized...she can hardly even cry anymore. We lose little parts of us, little fragments of our Soul as we journey through this life. The more pieces we defrag (disassociate) from, the more pieces defrag.

It's not important to me anymore, to have anyone that close to me. My closest family on my side (mom, dad, aunts, uncles...etc.) have been estranged since 2010. They all chose to abandon the same time, and there must be 40-60 of them!

My children's fathers side is closest to me, as are my own children. For that I am grateful everyday. My friends (those that stayed through my life threatening (and life altering) diagnosis and subsequent treatment in 2010), my friends of long-standing, I believe will always be by my side, and I will always be by theirs. But even those friends aren't super close...not like the “friends” that I seemingly had in my addiction. Those seemed closer at the time because they were “around” more, I suppose.

In a nutshell...I've learned to love myself unconditionally, and learned to be my own best friend. I believe we come here alone, and I believe we leave here I love people, but I love myself more!

Once you achieve self-love Anything is Possible!

If you also suffer abandonment...learn to become your own best friend and #ChangeYourThinking...Change Your World© with #Petrabilities!

Here is a video I was “guided” to capture in my moment of Self Love!

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