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What Makes Us Different?


Thanks to Leslie McIntosh at Coastal Academy, and her book Your Soul, we use a method called Soul Screening. When working with issues of fears and phobias, you may end up in age or past life regression. Whether you do or do not believe in past lives does not matter.

Unlike other therapists who do the regression therapy, we guide you to leave all the negative emotions and traumatic details in the past where they belong. Many of these issues carry over to this lifetime, and if working in this lifetime, we guide you to reframe your past. You have no idea how much lighter you will feel!

Another difference worth pointing out is that there are only 1 or 2 Hypnotherapists in Vancouver that deal with addictions. One has to have been through it and know about street drugs and pharmaceuticals to handle these delicate issues safely. Some withdrawal processes require specialized medical care as well.

We diligently screen new clients suffering addiction issues, to ensure you are ready to “do the work.” We are only your guide and teamwork is a necessary component towards your success. We will require a minimum 10 session commitment before we will contract to work with you. Please apply only if you are truly ready.

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